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How To Register Product Warranty

June 04, 2020

Here you'll find steps on how to register your CENTON Shower Water Heaters online to get the support and warranty coverage from CENTON Malaysia after buying their products.


But first, let's reaffirm how long are the CENTON Shower Water Heaters' warranty period, and how do you utilize the warranty when needed.






Warranty period for CENTON Shower Water Heaters differs by their different parts:


CENTON Instant Water Heaters

CENTON Instant Water Heaters | Product Warranty - Heating Element, DC Silent Pump, AC Booster Pump, Other Electrical and Electronic Parts

CENTON Storage Water Heaters

CENTON Storage Water Heaters | Product Warranty - Anti-Leak Tank, Other Electrical and Electronic Parts

Additional +1 Year Warranty extension is only valid if you register your water heater via CENTON's e-Warranty Registration Form, which we will guide you below.


Parts that are not listed above do not have any warranty coverage, such as shower accessories (eg. Shower Sets, Stop Valves, or Shower Hoses). Do note that other water heater brands in the market do not have warranty coverage for shower accessories as well.






You can register your CENTON Shower Water Heater using your computer or mobile devices via:


CENTON Malaysia e-Warranty Registration Page


Before we begin, please have your water heater's Serial Number and Invoice / Purchase Receipt ready.


Where To Locate CENTON Shower Water Heater Serial Number


Step 1 | Enter personal and contact details


From your Internet browser, go to www.centon.my/warranty.

Enter these details into the textbox provided:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Address, City, State, Postcode (where you have installed your water heater)
  • Where You Purchase (Name of retail outlets or online stores you have purchased your water heater from, such as Onsen.my / Shopee / One Living)
  • Date of Purchase (date stated in the Invoice / Purchase receipt)
  • Serial Number (refer to the visual above on where to locate the Serial Number)
How To CENTON Product Warranty - Step 1 - Enter personal details


Step 2A | Take picture of your Invoice / Purchase Receipt


Click on the Your Receipt textbox.

Click on the Camera app.

Take a picture of your Invoice / Purchase Receipt.

Make sure that every details are readable in the picture.

Click on the logo (top right on the screen) if you are satisfied with the picture taken, or click on the X icon if you want to retake the picture.

Click the Submit Now button.


Your water heater is now registered! You will receive a e-Warranty submission confirmation email shortly.


If you prefer to submit a softcopy Invoice / Purchase Receipt, please follow Step 2B instead. Softcopies are usually provided when purchasing water heaters via online stores, such as Onsen.my / Shopee.

How To CENTON Product Warranty - Step 2A - Take picture of purchase receipt


Step 2B | Upload your softcopy Invoice / Purchase Receipt


Click on the Your Receipt textbox.

Click on the Files app.

Click on your Invoice / Purchase Receipt file.

Make sure that the file is in pdf, jpg, or png format.

Click the Submit Now button.


Your water heater is now registered! You will receive a e-Warranty submission confirmation email shortly.

How To CENTON Product Warranty - Step 2B - Upload softcopy Invoice / Purchase Receipt


If you receive error messages when clicking the SUBMIT NOW button, you can solve this errors by re-filling this form using:


  • Incognito Mode [for Google Chrome] Click Menu > New incognito window
  • InPrivate Browsing [for Microsoft Edge] Click Menu > New InPrivate window
  • Private Browsing Mode [for Safari] Click File > New Private Window 


If you face any other issues during e-Warranty submission, please reach out to the CENTON Malaysia Support Team for troubleshooting via https://www.centon.my/contact-us/.






If your water heater is faulty and you would like to utilize your warranty coverage, you can request CENTON Malaysia for a house call servicing. This means that you can get your water heater serviced at the comfort of your own home free of charge without the need to dismantle your water heater and send it to CENTON Service Centre!


Please note that this is a conditional house call servicing, and it is free of charge only when the water heater is faulty not caused by conditions mentioned below, and the water heater parts that have malfunctioned are still under warranty. Otherwise, a minimum diagnostic fee will be charged during house call servicing.


Refusal to pay the minimum diagnostic fee charges will cause the warranty to be voided. Warranty will only be reinstated when these charges are fully settled.


The diagnostic fee charged covers diagnosis for CENTON water heaters only, and not diagnosis of external fixtures such as wirings and pipings.

Any repair services and replacement parts required to fix the water heater will be charged separately.

CENTON is not liable to diagnose nor fix any external fixtures that might have caused the water heaters to malfunction, even if they are connected to the water heaters.


CENTON Instant Water Heaters

Centon Instant Shower Water Heater - Minimum Diagnostic Fee for House Call Servicing

CENTON Storage Water Heaters

Centon Storage Shower Water Heater - Minimum Diagnostic Fee for House Call Servicing





If your water heater in no longer under warranty, you can still request CENTON Malaysia for house call servicing, just that you have to pay for the minimum fee mentioned above.


This minimum fee is inclusive of the water heater diagnosis fee, but not inclusive of spare part purchases and manpower cost for the servicing / replacement works.


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