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The original AEROPRESS® paper filters X 350 pieces

Aerobie Aeropress

We conducted blind-tasting tests on espresso and French press coffee lovers. They tasted paper-filtered Aeropress brew and metal-filtered brew made with espresso filters and custom filters which were about three times finer. Every single taster preferred the paper-filtered brew.

This is not surprising, in light of the fact that the fine particles which pass through metal filters are quite bitter.

In the book 'Coffee - A Guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying', renowned coffee author Kenneth Davids wrote about making drip coffee with metal filters;

'You may not like coffee made with these filters as much as you like coffee brewed with paper filters. The mesh allows a good deal of sediment and colloids to enter the brewed coffee, which gives it a heavy, often gritty taste, closer in style to French-press coffee.'

Also, from the same book and page;

'A note on Filter Papers

Virtually all white filter papers manufactured today are whitened without use of dioxin, a carcinogen that was used in bleaching paper through the late 1980s. For this reason, I feel confident in recommending white papers in preference to brown, which imparts a cardboardy taste to the brewed water and which may harbor some dubious chemicals of their own, including tars.'

Aerobie Aeropress




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